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Health Care

One of the issues that is of paramount concern for most people right now is the need for affordable universal health care. Call it Medicare for all, call it single payer, call it whatever you like.
It’s time for the majority to push back on the pharmaceutical and private health insurance industries, whose obscene profits place in jeopardy the health of our citizens every single day. How dare they profit on the health concerns of our family members! By including everyone in the system and eliminating corporate profit, we spread the risk & lower the costs.
The U.S. has the means to move from where the World Health Organization places us—37th place in heath care delivery—to somewhere near the top, where we belong. We have the means…now we just need the will.
Democratic legislators in WA state are currently looking into establishing a state-based universal healthcare system, and I am absolutely ready to join them in pushing this plan forward.

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