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Initiative 1631 (Carbon Fee)

Placing a carbon fee on polluters who emit carbon dioxide and other potent greenhouse gases will help incentivize companies to move toward more clean energy. The measure will also generate around $1 billion a year that would fund projects that would help accelerate the state’s transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy. These projects should include public transportation development and new wind and solar power plants. Who are the entities opposing this initiative? Phillips 66, Chevron, BP, and Shell. These companies are pouring millions into trying to defeat this measure because they are making billions off the destruction of our environment. The fourth-quarter 2017 earnings for Phillips 66 was $3.2 billion; for Chevron $3.1 billion; for BP $2.1 billion; and for Shell $4.2 billion—doubling or even tripling from their previous year earnings. Enough is enough. Let’s take back some of the power from these greedy multinationals and force them to pay for polluting our environment and contributing to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

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